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Last week the entire MOBI team came together in-person and virtually across APAC and North America to dive into planning for Q1 of next year. Although the teams set their sights on the continued opportunities for improvement and innovation in 2023, they also set aside some time to reflect on the successes of 2022.

MOBI team at Q4 planning in Wellington, NZ

As our customers will know first hand, this year was especially challenging for brands in the hospitality space. But, with every problem comes an opportunity, and we’re proud to look back on how the team at MOBI continued to assess the landscape, reprioritise solutions for our customers and bring new products and product improvements to market.

Here’s a recap of our 2022 product activity and releases, as well as a teaser for what’s coming early next year.

2022 features and product launches:

Tabs for Table Ordering: the perfect companion for our table ordering customers, Tabs allows customers to order as a group from multiple devices, all while paying on a single card. Ordering another round for the table has never been easier!

Analytics: real insight into everything from your sales and orders to conversion and repeat guest rates. All the information you need, all in one place, to help you grow your business.

Machine Learning Based Upsell: automatically upsell and entice your guests with machine learning that suggests the right items at the right time when guests order. Our recent testing showed that on average Upsell suggestions are accepted by 5-10% of guests who order on MOBI storefronts. When upsold products are accepted, the average value of the order is 15-30% higher.

Last Mile Delivery: using Uber Direct or DoorDash Drive, MOBI customers are empowered to offer a great delivery service their guests can enjoy, without the hassle of managing a fleet of drivers.

Delivery Automatic Order Release: removes the effort of trying to calculate or guess when to start preparing an order for delivery. Using informed prep times and the driver's geolocation, MOBI will snooze an order and time the dispatch strategically for your kitchen. This improves the quality of food your guests receive, while also reducing kitchen waste.

Product and process improvements:

Internal onboarding tools: we’ve improved and introduced three implementation tools: set up helper, multi location settings and bulk store settings, which make it easier and faster for our team to onboard new enterprise clients, reducing enterprise onboarding time by up to 30%.

Integrations: our customers told us ‘loyalty’ and ‘delivery’ are areas of focus for them, so we’ve expanded our integration stack with loyalty providers TranxactorThor, DataCandy and Spoonity, as well as 3rd party delivery companies UberDirect and DoorDash Drive, all while making improvements to existing point of sale and payment processor integrations.

Storefront design: we researched and experimented with new designs and features for our storefront, with focus on improving conversion and guest experience.

Core MOBI platform: we put a strong focus on strengthening our core platform and building a more scalable storefront. These improvements will speed up future development and make way for new features next year.

2023 teasers:

Group Dispatch for Table Ordering: created to improve operational efficiency, staff satisfaction and the guest experience. Group Dispatch streamlines orders at busy times by reducing the number of dockets sent to the kitchen.

Version 4 of MOBI Storefronts: behind the scenes we’ve been working to bring our next generation of the MOBI Storefront to life. V4 will enable us to unlock new and exciting features so customers can better tailor their experience to suit their guests preferences.

That’s a wrap! If there’s any products listed above that you’d like to learn more about, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at for more information. As always, we are forever grateful for the continued partnerships with our customers - we look forward to serving you and your guests in the new year.

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