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Having served hospitality customers for over a decade, we have built +120 integrations that allow us to cover point of sale systems, loyalty providers, aggregator marketplaces, delivery platforms and payment processors. These integrations enable our customers to operate at optimal efficiency.

Point of sale integrations

  • Directly connect MOBI to the point of sale system
  • Enable our customers to have a single source of truth for menu
  • Once an order is completed by a guest, the order is sent directly to the POS and passed to the KDS or kitchen printer

Payment integrations

  • Bring your own payment gateway when an integration exists
  • Great coverage of key providers globally
  • Secure and stable integrations


Loyalty integrations

  • Power sophisticated loyalty programs through our loyalty integrations.
  • Great coverage of key providers globally
  • Fully integrated to the storefront to allow guests the ability to sign up, earn rewards and use rewards and capture data for analytics


Marketplace middleware integrations

  • Reduce stress and manual order entry by automating all aggregator orders directly into the POS
  • Provides customers with a centralised platform to manage the menu and operations in the process
  • Order and product level data provided in MOBI Analytics


Delivery integrations

  • MOBI’s direct integrations to Uber and Doordash driver network eliminate the need to manage a courier fleet
  • Bring Your Own fleet integrations for when customers have their own driver networks
  • Guests order right from our restaurant's website or app and get the same-hour delivery experience they expect


MOBI Payments

  • Our competitive payment gateway lets your business accept credit and debit card payments at a lower cost than most other providers
  • Get set up in minutes
  • Improve cashflow with disbursements every business day
  • Accept the world’s most popular cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express, as well as Google and Apple Pay
  • World class fraud protection
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“Within a single month, MOBI had our entire company onboarded and live with taking our guests’ orders.”

Tracy Frazer, Fatburger, Canada