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Many people view in-store technology solely as a staff replacement, however it has numerous benefits to your restaurant staff.

Depending on your situation, in-store digital ordering may be used as an alternative to manage a staffing shortage, aid with staffing costs, or be implemented as a way to improve the guest experience. No matter what the current situation, in-store ordering technology works with the staff you have to keep them in good spirits, to improve the operational efficiency of your restaurant, and to improve the experience for your guests.

Alleviate transactional stress

With nearly three out of four restaurant businesses saying they are experiencing a labour shortage, it’s no surprise that staff are feeling the additional stress and pressures associated with having more responsibilities and less support on the floor. In-store ordering technology, be it table ordering or kiosks, removes some of the most time consuming aspects of the guest interaction: taking the orders and accepting payment.

By removing the need for this, it puts guests in the control of their experience through self-service. Your staff will feel less pressure when it comes to taking that second or third round of drinks orders for example, meaning they manage multiple other tables at one time. This gives back time to your staff for their other responsibilities, such as discussing the menu, running food, seating tables, and more, and ultimately leads to higher job satisfaction.

When your business juggles dine-in and take-out, kiosks can be a good way to help run a full restaurant running with a lean amount of staff. Guests planning to take their food home can simply order, pay and go, all without the need to bother a staff member focusing on the dine-in experience or without the need to have several counter staff.


Create more meaningful connections

Once we remove the transactional element of a guest interaction, your staff can let their personalities shine. Rather than worrying about taking orders in good time, keeping drink orders flowing, and juggling payment, they can focus on making more meaningful connections with their customers.

Table ordering creates the opportunity for staff to spend more time discussing the menu, suggesting perfect pairings, and discussing their personal favourites. It allows staff to take the extra time to make sure guests are comfortable, gauge the level of interest in staff interaction, and make sure guests know they are there if they need any help.

Keeping you and your staff happy

Currently, a third of former hospitality workers won't consider returning to the industry post-pandemic. The staff shortage has caused a lot of pressure on businesses to not only continue operating efficiently on a leaner staff line-up, but also to keep their current staff happy. Restaurants such as McDonald’s have started paying higher wages to intrigue hospitality staff to move over to their organisation instead.

In-store ordering works with you and your business, and also creates a more overall enjoyable shift for your staff.

If you’d like to learn more about how in-store ordering can benefit your business and your staff, reach out to a MOBI expert today.

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