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Winner Winner is all about great food brought to you by a passionate team. They offer healthy, fresh, easy dinners and lunches for all food preferences. Their offering is all about comfort, pairing wholesome foods with good vibes to create an everyday eatery that welcomes everyone.

Winner Winner specialises in the finest fire-roasted and crispy fried chicken using only natural, free-range, and nutritious ingredients – serving them up in a warm, welcoming atmosphere that’s as passionate and down-to-earth as the food. –
winner winner table ordering

They opened their first venue in Hamilton, NZ, in 2016. Followed by their second and third venues, in Wellington then Pukekohe, in early 2020. The combination of great food delivered in a casual comfortable environment meant they have quickly become hot favourites with the locals.

Winner Winner has adopted new strategies and MOBI's technologies to optimise operational efficiencies and combat the unique challenges of 2020 without compromising on their top tier service.

The challenge

Primarily, Winner Winner needed a way to continue servicing their customers and delivering awesome food, without increasing overhead costs, or preferably cutting extraneous expenses to protect margins that have been affected by the measures implemented during COVID-19 such as reduced capacity and single servers.

This wasn’t the only reason they were looking for a digital ordering solution however. Even before the pandemic, they were exploring strategies to improve customer experience and encourage an increase spend per customer.

Before we began using Table Ordering, we were required to have an additional staff member during our lunch shifts. Now our staffing costs have decreased significantly with no loss to our team’s efficiency or negative impact on our guest experience. – Chantha Un: Franchisee, Winner Winner Courtenay Place

The results of implementing Table Ordering at Winner Winner

With MOBI they have been able to better meet customer demands both in their venues as well as outside. By employing Table Ordering they increased the speed of service while simultaneously removing the potential for errors in orders.

The benefits don’t stop there. With COVID-19 still an ongoing concern, it is essential to make every effort to ensure customers and staff safety. Table ordering reduces the amount of necessary physical interaction between customers and staff allowing for the maintenance of better social distancing measures. The final benefit they’ve experienced from employing table ordering was an increase in the number of items added to orders throughout a meal.

Since we started with Table Ordering in May of this year, we have seen fantastic results. We’ve seen increased orders per customer per visit as they can easily add on additional items and drinks throughout their meal at their leisure. This has been seen particularly frequently with alcohol purchases. – Chantha Un

- 50% reduction in FOH staffing costs

- 52% of all digital orders are Table Ordering.

- Guests are 5x’s more likely to order more when using Table Ordering.

- Customers are 3x more likely to use Table Ordering than Wait Staff

A better experience for both staff and customers

One of the key concerns that the Winner Winner team had was around the difficulties of adoption of table ordering for staff and customers. However, they were quickly impressed with the ease of use and positive customer feedback.

Our customers adapted to the introduction of Table Ordering with ease and are constantly voicing how impressed they are with such a cool, innovative offering with helpful pictures to understand exactly what to expect.
Our staff’s favourite part of Table Ordering has been the shift in getting to know our customers better because our conversations aren’t exclusively dedicated to taking and confirming their order in a hustle. Customers have the option to add their names on their ticket, which makes their dining experience more personalised, and having that quick reminder before delivering food is a dream from our team members! – Chantha Un


By employing multiple channels for ordering Winner Winner has been able to thrive, even with the stringent industry demands of 2020. Table Ordering and digital ordering strategies improve the overall customer experience by reducing wait times and by freeing up staff for other tasks.

Additionally, they help optimise restaurant operations allowing kitchens to clear more orders faster meaning time-poor customers can remain confident in their ability to enjoy a fast casual dining experience.

It’s clear to see that Table Ordering and digital ordering is the way forward for fast, casual establishments like Winner Winner. We’re thankful for the growth and development we’ve seen through Mobi2Go and look forward to working with Tarik & the team for years to come. – Chantha Un

We’re looking forward to continuing our work with the Winner Winner team in the future to help them evolve their offering and continue delivering their excellent food with great service.

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