MOBI Storefront V4 on mobile

Our biggest product launch in 10 years: MOBI Storefront V4. Although our current storefront delivers amazing results for you, we knew it was time to find a way to take things to a whole new level.

We’re talking about a higher conversion rate, improved accessibility, user centric design improvements and a dramatically better experience for your guests. We’ll drive even better results for you through removing friction points, allowing better exploration and evaluation of the food, all to speed up the process to order.

We have some great new features available now, with a whole roadmap of improvements coming soon. So, without further adieu, here’s a list of benefits you can start using to boost your business:

✔️ Improved marketing opportunities

With the introduction of the carousel, guests will now see a new display on your menu as soon as they arrive. This carousel allows you to incentivise guests through product recommendations, banners or promotions.

Marketing your menu on other channels and platforms just got better with advanced linking. Every page on the new storefront has a unique URL, meaning you can drive traffic to specific locations and products without any hassle.

✔️ A tailored guest experience

Data tells us that guests are creatures of habit, often gravitating towards the same items every time they order. To encourage guests to step outside their comfort zone, increase discoverability  and increase average order value, we’ve introduced Product Suggestions. Guests who have previously logged in will now be recommended menu items based on their order history.

And, for guests who aren’t logged in, we’ve introduced Popularity Based Suggestions to display popular products to incentivise purchase and/or upsell.

✔️ Reduced friction at check-out

Every extra minute a guest spends on a storefront the conversion rate drops. So to speed up ordering we’ve introduced Apple Single Sign On, with Google and Facebook to follow shortly. Users can quickly login using their Apple account details, dramatically reducing friction during the check-out process.

✔️ New menu layout options

Brands who want to get guests discovering more on their menu, this one’s for you! The option to implement our new vertical menu removes the need for guests to navigate by category. Instead, the vertical menu will enable guests to scroll all menu items available, all on one page. This removes a couple of steps from the ordering flow and gets a guest to the end result even quicker.

✔️ Easier menu navigation with filters and tags

Thanks to the introduction of dietary tags and filters, guests can now easily find menu items best suited to their dietary needs or preferences. Clearly label when your items are vegan, dairy free, gluten free, or spicy. Items tagged with dietary labels can also be filtered to make guest ordering even easier.

Taking things one step further, MOBI customers can choose to add a “popular” tag to their most-ordered products, and then feature these products at the top of your menu.

What’s next for the MOBI Storefront?

Although we’re thrilled to roll out this amazing list of improvements, we know there’s still plenty more we can do to help our customers make the most of their brand digitally. MOBI customers will soon also have the following features at their fingertips:

✔️ Introduction of third party payments to make it easier than ever for guests to input their details at check-out
✔️ Guest checkout to allow new guests to convert without adding too much pressure to input a lengthy list of personal details
✔️ Leveraging the power of AI, natural language search interface improves and humanises the search experience. No need to know the menu inside out, guests can specify a mood or a craving, such as something healthy, light or meaty, and receive the most accurate menu recommendation to fix their cravings.

Get started with the industry’s best food-buying experience

Have questions about the latest improvements to our storefront, or keen to learn if this could be a suitable option to boost your business? Reach out to our team for a chat today at

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