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Upselling has always been on the list of ways to improve your guest experience while increasing your sales and average order value (AOV). But, upsell has evolved significantly from the days of “do you want fries with that?” Today, hospitality brands are reaping the benefits of having a tailored customer experience, both in-store and digitally, which allows guests to explore the menu and pairings beyond what they originally set out to purchase.

Prior to now, MOBI had provided our customers with the option to add manual upsell. Manual upsell allows the brands to use their own knowledge and experience to recommend products with every order.

Knowing we could make this process more streamlined, we knew it was time to leverage our market-leading data and analytics to create a more tailored and automated upsell option utilising machine learning. So, we’d like to introduce you to MOBI Upsell.

How does MOBI Upsell work?

MOBI Upsell uses machine learning to recommend additional products a guest may enjoy, based on items they have already added to their cart. This allows restaurants to automatically upsell and entice their guests, delivering the right items at the right time.

Proven to drive results, our testing of the product has shown that on average upsell suggestions are accepted by 5-10% of guests who order on MOBI storefronts. When upsold products are accepted the value of the order is 15-30% higher.*

By utilising all customer data and insight from previous orders, it automatically takes action, allowing restaurants to realise increased average order values - all without lifting a finger!

What are the benefits?

Studies have repeatedly shown that when guests are presented with an appealing offer related to their current order, the majority of them will purchase the upsell item. Digging further into the benefits, according to a study by The Sales Funnel Strategist, upsell influences are responsible for 10% — 30% of site revenues. In fact, some store owners make close to 40% of their entire revenue via sales funnels. Need we say more?

We expect customers that implement this new feature will immediately start to benefit from:

- Increased average order values
- Saving time and money with machine learning doing everything
- Continued improvement and tailored experiences, as auto Upsell’s machine learning only improves the longer you use it

Start upselling today

Upsell is now available for all MOBI customers in their MOBI storefront.

*Based on data from AB testing conducted across MOBI storefronts between 1 October 2022 and 26 November 2022.

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