Ordering using MOBI Table Ordering with Tabs

Opening a tab has always been a thing, especially when it comes to bars and pubs, or anywhere guests are staying and ordering multiple times - so why not make it digital?

Simplifying the social experience

Fully integrated into our digital Table Ordering solution, our Tabs functionality is extremely simple and fast for guests, letting them focus on why they’re there - to socialise.

To open a tab guests simply:

  1. Add their card details, or use Apple or Google Pay
  2. Set a tab limit
  3. Share the tab’s code with their friends or family

Everyone on the tab can then order on their own smartphones whenever they want - no need to flag down wait staff - with payment taken at the end. Or, if they want to keep the fun going, they can increase their tab limit at any time.

Benefits of Tabs to hospitality businesses

Whilst MOBI’s Tabs functionality will help the guest experience, especially for groups, some of the biggest benefits will be realised by the business itself.

What you can expect with Tabs:

  • Reduced ordering barriers for groups
  • Increased orders and visit values given guests are likely to stay longer
  • Staff focused on the experience and upsell, not transactional tasks
  • Less stress for staff dealing with large groups
  • Increased staff tips with them purely focused on enhancing the experience

Start the party with Tabs

If you’re keen to see how MOBI’s new Tabs functionality can both enhance your guest experience and increase revenue, then get in touch with one of our experts today.

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