The hospitality industry is increasingly competitive and restaurants that want to succeed need to continually reassess their strategies for success to ensure they are meeting high customer demands and maintaining their profit margins.

On top of the standard challenges faced by restaurants and bars, 2020 has brought with it a unique set of difficulties that restaurants have had to adapt to. In this article, we explore four strategies restaurants are employing to revitalise business through increased operational efficiencies, the creation of new opportunities, and improved customer loyalty.  

mobile ordering

1) Employ efficient technologies

Technology is pervading every aspect of our lives. The hospitality industry though has been traditionally slow to change. However, with many restaurants forced to close their doors, online ordering was the only way to continue operating during COVID-19.

In response, these restaurants had to search for a suitable solution and many launched their own online ordering platforms and even their own apps leveraging services like MOBI. Ultimately, online ordering has not only allowed venues to operate during a challenging time but actually helped many restaurants increase efficiencies and clear more orders in a shorter period of time.

Adopting the right technology, whether that’s mobile ordering or table ordering makes it easier for guests which ultimately improves their dining experience while encouraging larger spending per person.

2) Leverage social media

Businesses that leverage social media are able to communicate with current and future customers efficiently and convey a powerful positive brand presence far beyond the physical confines of their front doors.

A social media strategy doesn’t need to be complicated, expensive, or unduly time-consuming. Simple things like encouraging customers to tag you in posts, engaging with customers, and regularly posting photos of your food and staff can do a huge amount to build an invaluable sense of community and brand loyalty.

Social media helps increase awareness of your business in a world oversaturated by restaurant choices, and thus can help you increase your restaurant sales.

3) Create a kickass loyalty program

People love deals. According to LevelUp, members of a restaurant loyalty program spend 19% more on average when redeeming their reward, and their frequency of visiting your restaurant increases 75% between their first and tenth reward redemption.

Implementing a loyalty program and then integrating it with your online ordering or mobile app will naturally not only increase repeat eaters but encourage the spread of your brand through positive word of mouth.

menu management

4) Reengineer your menu

Not every item on your menu is going to be a winner every time. This becomes especially true when thinking about your online menu as well. For example, certain items that sell well in store might not travel well and negatively impact the customer experience. Alternatively, other items might be too expensive for customers.

The only way to improve your menu is through trial and error. Strategically select price points and menu offerings that will increase restaurant sales, collect customer feedback, and never stop developing your menu.

Improving customer experience goes hand in hand with increasing repeat eaters and improving restaurant profitability.

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