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If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already implemented QR code ordering in your business, whether it be something like Skip the Queue, Table Ordering, or both. Under the assumption you’re utilising these technologies to their full potential, you’re likely benefiting from:

  • Reduced staffing requirements
  • Improved guest experience
  • Higher table turnover
  • Higher average order value

However, if you’ve implemented these technologies and you’re struggling to get them to take-off with your staff and customers - we can help. We know in order for technology to benefit guests to their maximum potential, it requires getting your team on board.

Communicate the benefits to your staff

One of the key items to remind your staff is that Table Ordering is here to work with them. And by encouraging customers to use it, it also works for them. Technology such as Table Ordering gives guests choice and control through self-service, with the option for more staff interaction if they prefer. Guests benefit from being able to browse the menu for as long as they like, the flexibility to order and reorder, and pay their bill on completion, all without having to wait for service.

At the same time that guests reap these benefits, staff benefit because QR code ordering removes the need to take orders, enter them into the POS system, and take payments. This frees up their time so they can focus on the guest experience, discuss the menu and engage with customers on a more personal level. A less transactional experience that alleviates stress, especially at your busiest hours.

Ensure staff know how the technology works

Make sure your staff have had a chance to play around with the QR code ordering system, so they can answer guests' questions with confidence. Ensuring your staff feel empowered to use new tech with your customers is essential. We recommend ensuring you have enough hands-on training and open discussions to get your team onboard. Even sharing graphics such as this one in the staff room may serve as an extra reminder of how it all works:

Ensure staff know how and when to introduce the technology

Here’s our favourite tips for staff when it comes to integrating technology into the guest experience.

  • Introduce the technology as soon as you seat your guests, let them know they can order through the QR code at the table - no app download required.
  • Let guests know they can order multiple times or all at once by selecting the tabs function.
  • Your staff should let guests know they’re happy to walk them through how to order, discuss the menu and answer any questions they may have. Ensure guests know there’s staff here to help, but that by ordering through the smartphones they have complete control over their experience.
  • Similarly, if guests are just here for take-out, they can order from the QR code on the wall - no app download required.

Last but not least, in the rare event they run into issues with the technology, let your staff know how they can reach out to the MOBI team for help.

Additional help

If you’re still struggling to find ways to integrate your new in-store technology with your staff and the guest experience, reach out to support or your MOBI expert for resources on how to improve adoption. Alternatively if you’re considering implementing in-store technology into your business, let’s chat, we’re keen to help.

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