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A recent study showed QR code downloads increased 750% over the past 18 months. Some brands and business owners initially thought QR code ordering was a temporary measure to carry them through Covid-19 restrictions. But now that we’re coming out the other side of the pandemic, we know QR code ordering is very much here to stay, especially in light of changing guest expectations and the other challenges hospitality brands are facing like staff shortages.

The good news is, QR code technology has numerous advantages. As well as mitigating the need for additional service staff and addressing social distancing concerns, it’s true benefits lie in the opportunities it creates for your business to increase revenue.

1. More time to browse, more items to buy

By adding QR code technology in your restaurant, you put your guests in the driver's seat. Rather than feeling the pressure of a server checking in to take their order, guests now have ample time to get settled, catch up with their dine-in company and peruse the menu. Everything is at their pace. But with more time to browse, product discovery is higher, meaning guests typically add more items to their order and you see the benefits of increased average order values.

2. Perfect pairings

You know your customers best. Let that information guide your upsell process, with your data and analytics especially able to provide you with the actionable insights you need. Knowing which menu items are frequently ordered together, which are high value items, what time of the day certain items are ordered more, are all insights you can apply to help entice guests more.

Depending on your in-store model, upsell can be leveraged in two ways. If you’re really low on staff, let your technology do the job. With technology such as Table Ordering and Kiosks, you can integrate upsell opportunities into your digital menus based on product information and customer behaviour.

Another alternative is using your floor staff to enhance the guest experience and upsell at the table. Rather than focusing on taking the order or transactional tasks, they can check in with guests to see if they have any questions about the menu and provide insight as to what items pair well together. The difference being there’s less guesswork by staff, with all the knowledge they provide qualified by your data.

3. Faster order and payment

Because guests are in control of their own experience, they can order faster and more frequently. When customers enter your restaurant and use a QR code to start the ordering process, they are welcome to order and pay all in one quick transaction.

Alternatively, if guests are thinking about staying a while, they can start a Tab to order as they go. Tabs allow guests to order more than one round of food and drink, from multiple devices simultaneously. Once guests are done, the Tab bill is paid in one transaction by the Tab owner.

Guests can place their orders quicker, more often, and your staff can focus on ensuring orders are received and delivered. The cherry on top? Guests will be in and out quicker than before, leading to higher table turnover.

4. High customer satisfaction

According to a Lightspeed study, 57% of respondents stated they would choose a venue based on the availability of QR technology. Modern-day guests are basing their dine-in decisions around the availability of in-store technology.

Not only does technology make ordering more efficient, it’s in line with the recent demand for guests seeking contactless order and payment options. Although Covid-19 restrictions in certain markets are pulling back, guests are still seeking experiences they can enjoy with friends, family or solo at much lower risk.

5. Guaranteed payments

This is a win for any brand. Payment becomes a no-fuss situation. With QR code technology, such as Table Ordering and Skip the Queue, guests will be asked to enter their card details when ordering. So, whether they order upfront or start a Tab, you know payment is guaranteed and are free to start making their order.

Get started

If you’re ready to bring your business to the next level this year, we recommend considering QR code technology as a way to improve your in-store operations and your guest experience. If you’re looking to learn more, or you’re ready to take the plunge, reach out to our MOBI team today and we will set up a tailored consultation to see which products are best suited for you and your brand.

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