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Our technology supports the need for fast service, while maintaining a relaxed dining atmosphere.

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A look at our casual dining partners
Casual dining restaurant interior

Our partnerships with casual dining brands focus on making our customers stand out in a highly competitive landscape.

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It all starts with enhancing engagement, streamlining operations, and then using our key products focused on maintaining long term customer retention. Our recipe for success includes a blend of speed, customization and analytics, while maintaining a tailored and intimate guest experience.

Our most used products
for hotel customers

Hotel image

QR Code Ordering for Hotel Room Service

Use QR code ordering in hotel rooms to allow guests the ability to access a branded online storefront experience

Image of a hotel room

Multi-Venue Ordering from One QR Code

Easily expand on room service options with multi-venue ordering, allowing multiple restaurants to be accessed from a single QR code

Image of a mobile payment

Seamless, Login-Free Ordering Experience

A frictionless ordering experience with no log-in required and access to Apple Pay, Google Pay and Stripe Link

Mobile ordering

Direct-to-Kitchen Orders via POS

Orders are sent directly to POS and on to the kitchen, no need for staff to take orders over the phone or manual order entry

Mobile view of tipping

Tipping Option for Staff Recognition

Reward staff for their work with the option for guests to tip on their order

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Our most used products for Casual Dining

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Reap the benefits of MOBI


A tailored experience

Maintain that unique brand identity with MOBI’s customizable digital storefront.


Customer retention

Loyalty programs guaranteed to bring in repeat customers.


Data driven insights

Sophisticated analytics to ensure brands can stay on the pulse of the business.


Enhanced engagement

Optimized menu layouts and promotions tailored to casual dining experiences.


Flexibility in ordering

With the option for guests to use order ahead.


Streamlined operations

Our +120 integrations specifically help streamline casual dining operations and reduce manual errors.

Find out how we can help your casual dining restaurant run more efficiently.

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