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Did you know, 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience. That’s right - the benefits of hospitality technology have a positive impact on all stakeholders. From your kitchen staff, to your servers, to your guests, technology is simplifying and improving everyone’s experience.

However, there is a common misconception when it comes to technology: that hospitality tech was created to completely replace your staff. Although technology, such as QR code ordering or kiosk ordering can compensate for challenges such as staff shortages, the optimal results occur when tech is paired with your staff.

In your busiest hour, technology should be an opportunity for guests to order on their own time, as often as they want. In a time where your floor staff may need to play the role of host/hostess, server, runner, and close orders, it can be hard for them to also take the time to focus on the guest experience. Here’s how in-store technology can work with your staff to make peak times feel like a breeze.

Skip the Queue

If there’s anything we’ve learned since re-opening post-Covid, it’s that guests expect to be able to order a number of different ways across a number of different platforms. Not only that, juggling a staff shortage, social distancing, and orders from multiple channels, it can be hard to manage the flow for customers. Be it dine-in or take-out, your stores can quickly get congested with people wanting to place orders.

Skip the Queue is a method of ordering that allows guests to come in, scan the display QR code, place their orders and pay from their mobile device, all without standing in line. It’s perfect for that lunch and dinner rush, when you’re trying to get orders in and processed as quickly as possible. While your staff are busy preparing or packaging food, or engaging with guests who have chosen to dine-in, Skip the Queue allows your other guests to feel like a priority and place their order the quickest way possible. An easy breezy rush hour for everyone involved.

What are the benefits of Skip the Queue?

  • Less wait times
  • Less staff requirements
  • More efficient for you and your guests
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Covid-19 safe
  • Quick payment available with Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Higher average order value

Table Ordering

MOBI Table Ordering

Similar to Skip the Queue, Table Ordering was made to improve the experience for guests who prefer to dine-in. To use Table Ordering, guests simply scan the QR code at their table, a menu pop ups on their phone (no app required), and then they can order and pay in their own time.

Staff can encourage customers to use the QR code ordering available at their tables, while also letting them know they are available to answer any questions along the way. Guests can either order once, or multiple times, or if they know they are going to have multiple orders of food and drink, they can simply start a tab.

Rather than your staff having to take their order, run it through the POS, and check-in for order top-ups, staff can let guests know they can order on their own time and receive their food/drink in record time. Having this technology at peak hour is especially convenient as guests don’t need to flag down a server to place an order, and servers have more time to chat with guests, make menu recommendations and improve the overall experience.

What are the benefits of Table Ordering?

  • Order what they want, when they want
  • Reduced wait times
  • Covid-19 friendly
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Quick payment available with Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Higher average order value

Kiosk Ordering

Kiosks allow you to put digital technology at the heart of your restaurant. With a highly visual, optimised menu, you get to create the streamlined ordering guests want, all the while boosting order values and increasing in-store efficiency too. Plus, they can be free standing, wall mounted or on a table, the choice is yours.

Kiosk ordering frees up the need to have multiple staff taking orders. Kiosks can improve efficiency regardless of if guests want to dine-in or take-out. They can place their orders and pay all without the need for a staff member.

What are the benefits of Kiosk Ordering?

  • Reduced wait times and queues
  • Decreases labour costs
  • Engaging menus that drive bigger order values
  • Upsell opportunities
  • Increased order accuracy
  • Covid-19 safe with social distancing

Better together

To put it simply, in-store technology is not a replacement for your floor staff, it allows for additional ordering channels to be available to your guests should they want to use them. The technology works with your staff, to help make their jobs run smoother, with more time to engage with the guest and amplify their experience, rather than being focused on taking orders, running food, and making transactions.

If you’re thinking about ways to improve your operational efficiency, alleviate stress on staff, and improve the guest experience, reach out to a MOBI expert today. We can chat through our in-store solutions and find ways to improve specific pain points within your business.

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