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Looking ahead to 2023, the restaurant industry is expected to continue on its road to recovery and profitability. Not only are brands expecting an increase in sales next year, they’re starting to think about how they can implement smarter practices across locations that improve operations, the guest experience, and the bottom line.

This past year, we’ve launched several new products that have proven to help our customers improve their businesses through technology. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight three products we think all restaurant brands should consider implementing this year.

Table Ordering & Skip the Queue
It’s no doubt over the holiday period and beyond, there’s going to be an influx of demand, which may pose to be challenging if you’re among the many businesses struggling for staff. If you haven’t already considered Table Ordering and Skip the Queue, this could be the perfect way to ensure you’re meeting demand so you can benefit from additional profits.

Table Ordering and Skip the Queue allow guests to order via a QR code. Very easily set up, the QR code menu canl be consistent with the menu on your MOBI storefront to ensure guests have an on-brand experience. Alternatively, if brands want to offer a menu specifically optimised for on-premise, we can easily work with you to create a bespoke menu for in-store order. Not only will you improve guest satisfaction by making ordering easy, it’s said that QR code ordering can increase average order value by upwards of 30%.*

Our latest addition to the MOBI storefront, now available for all customers! With this new product, MOBI customers can automatically upsell and entice their guests with machine learning that suggests the right items at the right time when guests order.

MOBI Upsell takes all the data and insight it can from your previous orders, and automatically takes action for you, meaning you can realise increased average order values without lifting a finger.

Proven to drive results, our testing of the product showed that on average upsell suggestions are accepted by 5-10% of guests who order on MOBI storefronts. When upsold products are accepted the value of the order can be 15-30% higher.* This feature has now been enabled for all MOBI customers in their storefront. Check it out now so you can start reaping the benefits.

Last Mile Delivery
Brands today are looking for more ways to own their guest relationships so they can place less power in the hands of aggregators.

Last Mile Delivery allows MOBI customers to offer delivery from their owned channels, without  the added effort of managing a delivery fleet. Through integrations with DoorDashDrive and UberDirect, you can strengthen the guest relationship and maintain additional access to useful guest data.

Reduced aggregator fees by allowing customers to order right from the source, while also improving relationships with your guests and increasing profitability. A win-win!

Make this your best year yet

If you’re thinking about upgrading your tech stack for the new year, or you’re unsure if you’re making the most of our MOBI product suite, reach out to a dedicated member of our team today. Let us know if your goals have changed, so we can make sure you’re matched with the best products for success in 2023 and beyond.

*Based on MOBI data from AB testing conducted across MOBI storefronts between 1 October 2022 and 26 November 2022.

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