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Unlike intensive marketing the focus of which is to convert new customers, customer communications are all about initiating conversation.

In a world where brand relationships, clarity and trust are more important than ever, it’s important to know how you can create a communication strategy that really speaks to your customers.

Spread important news

The most obvious reason for developing strong external comms is to manage the spread of important news. This is more important than ever right now as restaurants and businesses navigate through the COVID-19 crisis. Those that manage their comms well will certainly come out of this crisis stronger than ever.

Manage the public perception of your brand

Consistent comms will not only remind customers that you exist, but they allow you to take your brand’s perception by the horns. When navigating crises like COVID-19 how you manage your brand and inform customers of important events such as your reopening times and policies will have a direct impact on the success of your restaurant as we ease out of lockdown.

Reach new customers

Finally, good communications offer an opportunity for your business to reach the eyes and ears of new hungry customers. Increased brand awareness is a powerful thing.

Examples of good comms during COVID-19


Zambrero is an Australian based Mexican inspired restaurant chain. They are fairly active on social media and have leveraged those platforms to promote support for an effective lockdown to help battle COVID-19 and protect their staff and customers. 

They’ve posted consistent updates informing customers of the changes going on as well as run several promotions over this time to build brand loyalty. What is particularly impressive about their comms though has been the messaging they have shared. The messaging focuses on the real people who make up the staff and customers, promoting safety and community. This is in line with their company mission exemplified by their Plate 4 Plate Scheme

Burger Burger

Burger Burger, a New Zealand chain with five locations have been very effective in their external comms throughout the COVID-19 crisis and before. What makes their comms so effective are three things:

  • First, clarity. They have been clear and upfront with their customers and they have done so across all their channels.
  • Second, consistency. They didn’t simply post once saying we’re closing or we’re back open. Instead, they’ve maintained social contact with their customers throughout the lockdown period.
  • And thirdly they’ve used this time during the lockdown as an opportunity to offer further value to their customers and further build their brand. They’ve managed this with an ingenious strategy which allows customers to order a DIY burger box with the ingredients to bring the Burger Burger restaurant experience into their own home. To support this campaign, they partnered with a number of other businesses to increase their social reach, build brand awareness and help support some of the other small businesses suffering during COVID-19.