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The world has changed, and with it, daily human behaviour. What worked for restaurants this time last month, is no longer working.

Your customers are working from home and avoiding large gatherings, which makes it difficult to keep revenue up in store. Your business needs to react quickly to continue to meet your customers’ needs. 

Your customers need to feel safe

Your main priority right now is to give your customers peace of mind when it comes to ordering.

Make sure you update your website and address the key concerns your customers will have.

They’ll want to know that you’re offering options to:

  • Pay ahead of time to avoid cash handling
  • Order online through your website
  • Use contactless delivery
  • Use curbside pickup.

They’ll also be pleased to hear that you have:

  • Updated your cleaning procedures
  • Adapted your policies on dealing with customers who appear unwell.

If you’re using a MOBI one-pager for your storefront, you can set a Customer Message in your store’s General Settings and add a message block to the top of your storefront. 

When making changes, fast is better than perfect

You’re going to want to make changes as quickly as possible to make sure you can continue to operate.

MOBI specialises in full POS integrations, but if you are interested in getting up and running fast, you can set up an optimised menu and have orders emailed to you once they are paid.

Getting online quickly is key, you can always improve your digital offering later, but you can’t make up for lost time.

Your customers need the best ordering and delivery options in this new scenario

Contactless delivery

Right now, customers prefer contactless delivery. Let your customers know that your drivers will leave their order on the doorstep, avoiding the need for close contact.

Curbside pickup

Put a message on your storefront/app to let customers know you will bring their order out to their car if they’d prefer.

Curbside pickup available

When you arrive to pick up your order

1.	Park outside

2.	Text us your order name and car registration

3.	We will call you back and bring your order to your car.
Here’s an example of curbside pickup messaging on an online storefront

Let us know if this is something you would like added to your MOBI storefront.

Turn off pay on pick up/pay on delivery

This switch will simplify your operation while removing any risks associated with cash handling. It’ll also make things easier for staff as all orders arrive paid. 

Table ordering

Allow customers to order straight from their table or any other fixed location (like hotel rooms). 

If you find you’re operating with reduced numbers of staff, you can make good use of things like QR codes and quick links to enable people to order from their table. 

Simplify your operation for success

Cut down your online menu and prioritise the meals that make sense.

You’ll need to focus on: 

  • Things you can make a good margin on
  • Meals that have readily available ingredients
  • Popular dishes and customer favourites.

This isn’t the time to have an intricate and difficult menu online. Keep it simple for your staff and your customers. In MOBI, you can use the stock tool to hide the meals that you can’t easily make right now.

This is the time to support each other

It’s a tricky time for our industry and we’re doing our best to help. If there’s more we can do for you, feel free to get in touch.