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We’re living in a data-driven world. There’s no doubt about it.

We volunteer a lot of our data, and most of us don’t think twice before sharing. It’s simply part of life. Searching for something on google, posting on social media, buying things online. You’re giving information about yourself to someone else.

90% of the data on the internet has been created since 2016

IBM Marketing Cloud study

Data is something you need to treat with respect. But as a business it’s a reality that you can’t ignore the information you have access to.

The shift from traditional business decision-making to data-driven decision-making is already happening. If you look at traditional retail, they’re struggling. While if you’re looking at Alibaba, Amazon — the ones leveraging data — they’re streets ahead. This gets extra important in industries with tight margins and huge competition. The restaurant industry is a prime example.

So, what are some practical steps for those of you who want to start using your data?

Acquire: Using data to get more customers

Sign-up offer: With data you can tell when something is working, and when it isn’t. Try a few sign-up offers and see what brings people in.

Connect your MailChimp account: Make use of those customer emails with marketing campaigns. Learn more about Mobi2Go’s integrations

Retain: Using data to strengthen your existing relationships

Personalise: Add you customer’s name into any emails you send them.

Personal voucher codes: Notice someone always orders a particular burger? Offer them a discount on their favourite.

Target the right people: Target the relevant people in your campaigns by using location, spend, or product information.

Add loyalty: Use a stamp card to keep customers coming back

Image of a kitchen open sign - data.

Grow: Using data to build your brand

Optimise your menu: Put your popular products where they’re easy to find. Put your main category first in your menu.

Connect Google Analytics: You can send information about your online ordering into Google Analytics to get a more complete overview.

A/B Test: Make changes to your storefront and see how they’re reflected in your online sales.

Time and data are a winning combo

We’re at the point now where data based decisions will out perform gut instinct over time.

Each time a customer makes an order with you, you’ll be collecting a little piece of data. On it’s own this has value, but the more data you get the more easily you’ll be able to make quality decisions.

Your restaurant can’t survive on one super-fan, it survives on meeting the preferences of many. This shouldn’t mean becoming generic, it simply means you’re meeting your customer’s needs better.

We’d love to help walk you through data

Whether you’re an existing user, or just want to know more — talk to a MOBI expert today.