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Are you ready to boost sales by reaching customers at home? Below, our friends at BringIt share their thoughts about how offering food delivery can increase your sales.

Food delivery is becoming increasingly popular for consumers throughout the world. In fact, 71% of consumers in the US want their food delivered, but only 12% of restaurants provide delivery options. So, why is there such a disconnect?

Many business owners are interested in offering delivery but realise it can be difficult to get right. Owners need to provide the same great food and service, but straight to the consumer’s door step. Below, we’ll highlight some myths around food delivery.

Food delivery myths

  • Delivery is Too Expensive
    An in-house delivery operation requires investment in resources, while an outsourced delivery model can eat into precious margins – with reports of some services taking up to 35%.
  • Your Delivery System Already Works
    On Demand, delivery means adding in another channel, increasing complexity, effort and costs.
  • You’re Too Busy As It Is
    Delivering round the clock isn’t practical – yet many On Demand delivery services don’t discriminate on delivery times.
  • You Don’t Have Control Over Food Delivery 
    On Demand delivery doesn’t always guarantee that your food arrives in the best possible shape, and let’s face it, some food just isn’t made for traveling.

How to start delivering food successfully

  • Running your in-house delivery isn’t always scalable and can take up a lot of resources. Outsource to the experts who will absorb those costs for you.
  • Offer a condensed delivery menu for items that travel well. This ensures your customers get the quality they expect with the convenience of delivery.
  • Walk before you run. How would your organisation cope with a 30% order increase at peak times? Try offering delivery at non-peak times, then expand coverage as you hone your capability.
  • Partner with organisations who can evolve with you. We’ve established growth in On Demand delivery is inevitable – make sure you have the right team behind you from the get-go.

Reliable third-party services can help you deliver food successfully! Recently, The New Zealand Post launched BringIt, a delivery service that kiwis can turn to for reliable food delivery. BringIt is committed to providing the best customer experience in New Zealand – so you can keep focusing on what you do best.

To learn more about how Mobi2Go integrates with BringIt and other delivery services in your area, click here.