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Direct online ordering is a powerful sales channel for your restaurant. Putting a bit of time into making it work effectively is a great investment. A few tweaks can result in more sales, and larger order value.

To show you the impact small changes can make, we teamed up with Funkateers Pizzeria. When we started chatting to Funkateers their online ordering was already doing pretty well. They’d done a great job setting things up themselves. But with some fresh eyes on the case, we set out to optimise their platform.

1. Evaluate what’s selling well online

You know that product you’re well known for, the one that has customers raving? Make sure it’s easy to find. Put it into the categories that make sense.

We’re not responsible for any hunger pangs that come from reading this blog!

Funkateers Pizzeria has a long menu, so we ended up adding a ‘popular’ category. This gave customers who were unfamiliar with Funkateers some easy options.

We based this category on the Pizzas that were selling the best online. Where it’s possible we make decisions based on data, not emotion

2. Simplify and remove barriers

Cut down on required fields, so your customers can complete their order efficiently.

Here’s Funkateer’s delicious pepperoni pizza. You’ll notice the base and sauce options force the customer to tick the option they want. It’s not bad, but this can be made easier.

In the after, you can see the base and sauce options are already selected. One less barrier between browsing and ordering.

3. Refine your extras and add ons

There’s a fine line between offering every choice possible, and making life easy for your customers. In general, we recommend making things as intuitive and easy as possible.

Jess says: Depending on what type of food you sell, you might have some wiggle room here. Context is important. People expect more extra choices when they’re ordering a pizza online. If you’re buying Sushi, you’re not expecting to make many decisions.

Jessica Nolev, Onboarding Specialist at Mobi2Go

4. User test from the customer’s perspective

User testing is a great way to figure out what’s working well… and what can be improved. Using your phone:

  • Try and find your menu online
  • Browse and interact with your products
  • Add a product to your cart
  • Go through the payment process.

Write down notes as you go. Then try repeating the user test with someone who is unfamiliar with your menu.

5. Nail that first impression

Take a look at the first category in your menu. It’s an important one to get right.

Jarryd says: Instinctively, we want to order our menu chronologically – starters, mains then desserts. Counterintuitively, data shows that it’s often best to order by popularity online.

Jarryd Reedman, Onboarding Specialist at Mobi2Go

6. Don’t forget mobile

With such a high percentage of online orders coming from customers ordering on their smartphones, it’s important to have a great mobile experience.

While we were analysing Funkateer’s order data we noticed that the majority of their orders come through mobile.

This isn’t unusual, smartphones are by far the most popular way to order online. It’s one reason it’s so important to get your menu online.

7. Refine as you go

Set aside a regular time to update and evaluate your online menu. Small but consistent updates like adding your new products, or in store promotions will boost your sales.

8. Integrate your marketing

One of our popular integrations is with MailChimp because it allows your customer data to be sent straight to your marketing list. Once this connection is set up, you’ll have a growing marketing list without any extra work.

9. Make your online ordering easy to find

Here’s a few basic things to check you’ve covered:

  • Tell your social media followers about your online ordering
  • Add your ordering link to your social media profiles
  • Clearly label your ordering button on your website
  • Update your Google Business Profile with your ordering URL

10. Add some personality

Your wording, pictures, and tone choices say a lot about your brand. There’s so many opportunities to add some personality and stand out from the crowd.

Mark says: You want your ordering channels to be an extension of your in store experience, everything should align.

Mark Eaton, Onboarding and Support Manager at Mobi2Go

That’s a wrap

Big thank you to Funkateers for working with us. We’re so excited to see you continue to crush it.

Website: Funkateer’s online ordering
Facebook: Funkateers Pizzeria & Gelato
Find Funkateers: 38 Ainsdale St, Chermside West QLD 4032

Funkateer’s pizzeria use Mobi2Go for their online ordering. We have an integration with their AI-Menu POS, so online orders go directly to their point of sale.

If you’d like to know more about what we offer, talk to a MOBI expert.