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Zambrero + MOBI

Add ons per order


Guest wait times


About Zambrero

The Zambrero story starts with its Founder, Dr. Sam Prince, one of Australia’s most successful entrepreneurs and philanthropists. Sam started Zambrero in 2005 as a 21-year-old medical student with just $16,000 savings. The brand now has over 230 restaurants globally, and its Plate 4 Plate initiative has generated more than 55 million meals for people in need.

The challenges

Zambrero came to MOBI looking to provide a more seamless in-store guest experience, which reduced guest wait times and allowed them to feel in control of their ordering experience. 

The MOBI solution


Since implementing Kiosks, Zambrero have been able to improve their in-store operations by allowing their staff to focus on food preparation and the overall guest experience. Kiosks have reduced guest wait time, increase throughput and they have seen an increase in order add-ons, directly improving their bottom line. 



"Since the adoption of MOBI’s Kiosk in January 2020, we have seen an overall increase in our ATV, overall revenue and a marked increase in our Customer Experience. We know when customers have control over their own ordering, they are more open to prompts, such as add ons. Our customers walking in the door are not price sensitive, so creating an environment where customers are comfortable and able to increase their order with ease is what we've found."

Chris Henderson, Operations Manager, Zambrero

The results


Increase in order add ons

+3.9 add ons per order.


Increased throughput

In-store operations have improved significantly.


Average transaction value

12% more than those placed over the counter.


Improved guest satisfaction

Decreased guest wait times and overall higher guest satisfaction.