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Winner Winner

Winner Winner + MOBI

Average transaction value

Table turnover

Staff costs


About Winner Winner

Winner Winner was born and proudly raised in Hamilton East by a team of passionate foodies working in the hospitality industry. Built to fill a gap for an easy option for healthy, fast, fresh dinners or lunches that were inclusive to all food preferences and didn't scrimp on good vibes. The wholesome, eclectic, comfort food filled menu came together naturally to create the ultimate, option-filled all-day eatery where everyone is welcome.

The challenges

Due to lack of staff and increasing wages, Winner Winner was struggling to meet the needs of customers during their busy lunch and dinner periods. They came to MOBI looking for a solution that would allow them to improve their guest experience, maintain or improve output, all while operating with less staff on the floor.

The MOBI solution

Table Ordering:

Since implementing Table Ordering in 2020, Winner Winner has experienced numerous benefits. Not only have they been able to manage their busy hours with less staff on the floor, they've had positive feedback from guests about their dine-in experience and they've seen an increase in orders per customer, per visit. 



“It's clear to see that Table Ordering and Digital Ordering are the way forward for fast casual establishments like Winner Winner. We're thankful for the growth and development we've seen through MOBI and look forward to working with the team for years to come.”

Chantha Un, Franchisee, Winner Winner

The results


Increased average transaction value

20% increase in average transaction value after implementing Table Ordering.


Reduced costs

50% reduction in front of house staffing costs.


Increased table turnover

Customers order faster and turn tables 20% sooner than before.


Improved guest satisfaction

Customers are 5X more likely to order more when using Table Ordering.