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Wing'n It

Wing'n It + MOBI

Increased average order value

Increased revenue


Expanded number of ordering channels

Wing'n It wings and dip

About Wing'n It

Founded in Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada in 2011, over the past decade Wing’n It has embarked on their national expansion. On a great taste adventure of their own, their menu currently offers 109 flavours of wings. Wing’n It’s restaurant model is split between a classic dine-in set-up with some express locations in the mould, these seating 20 guests or less. This successful restaurant chain is planning to hit 37 locations nationwide, with more to come.

The challenges

Like many hospitality brands, Wing’n It immediately felt the impact of the COVID-19 lockdowns. During the pandemic, Wing’n It had been working on their franchise model, looking to open a number of new locations across the country. When they considered the impact on their business without in-store dining, they needed to find new ways to connect with new and existing customers, all while maintaining the same great guest experience.

The MOBI solution

Digital Ordering:

Originally focused on their in-store model, Wing’n It was drawn to MOBI’s online ordering solution as a

relatively simple solution to set-up, with a user-friendly interface they could easily customise and update as required. By implementing online ordering, Wing’n It immediately saw their sales begin to recover as the lockdown persisted. Since the lockdown has ended, Wing’n It has kept their additional channel in place and have shifted their model to include some locations that are take-out only.

Digital Ordering has helped Wing’n It expand their business, grow relationships with their guests, and through better product discovery, their online channels see an average of $10 higher order value.


“There’s no denying our MOBI online ordering sales are far greater than our average dine-in guest. On average, online orders are $10 higher per cheque than our regular dine-in experience.”

David Deane, Owner, Wing'n It

The results


Increased average order value

MOBI Digital Ordering allows for better product discovery, resulting in an increase AOV of $10.


Increased revenue

Now able to offer their beloved wings by dine-in and take-out, Wing'n It has benefited from an overall increase in revenue.


Additional channel offering

Through MOBI Digital Ordering, Wing'n It was able to expand their ordering channels and digital presence. Since activating online ordering, Wing'n it has expanded their franchise model to include take-out only locations.


24/7 support

Since Wing'It joined MOBI, we’ve been able to help them outfit +30 stores and provide them with customer support any time they need.