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Wild Wing

Wild Wing + MOBI

Increased revenue

Improved operational efficiency


Accessed important customer data

Wild Wing chicken wings

About Wild Wing

It’s all in the name - Wild Wing is famous for their 101 mouth watering flavoured wings. The Canadian franchise takes pride in being a family friendly sports restaurant chain that has captured the hearts of wing lovers throughout Canada. Currently Wild Wing has over 100 locations from Quebec to BC, with their first US location launching this year.

The challenges

Wild Wing’s initial challenges started from the ground up. Struggles at the in-store level revolved around efficiency and order management. Working with multiple third party aggregators resulted in a cluttered front-end and created additional work for floor staff, who had to monitor multiple platforms and input orders into their POS, all while still serving their in-store guests.

At the digital ordering level, their previous menu management provider lacked functionality. Simple menu updates could take the Wild Wing team upwards of 24 hours to implement. Not only did they lose valuable time trying to work through these updates, they struggled with the lack of customer support and IT support.

The MOBI solution

Aggregator Middleware:

Originally receiving orders through multiple third parties, across multiple iPads, Wild Wing wanted to streamline ordering to alleviate stress on staff and improve their overall operations. Through aggregator middleware, orders streamlined directly to the POS, removing the need for manual work.

Digital Ordering:

By implementing MOBI Digital Ordering, Wild Wing was able to offer guests the option to order directly from their website. This improved the guest experience, cut down on aggregator fees, and gave them access to their customer data. Not only that, the MOBI system is user friendly, which allowed them to cut down on +23 hours spent on menu management updates.


“Since implementing MOBI technology, we’ve been able to create better connections with our customers through our direct channels, find ways to increase revenue, and we’ve felt supported with them as our partner in hospitality.”

Clark McKeown, CEO, Wild Wing

The results


Increased revenue opportunity

Wild Wing cut down on aggregator fees by implementing MOBI Digital Ordering on their website.


Improved operational efficiency

Wild Wing reduced menu management time from 23 hours to under 1 hour by switching to MOBI.


Access to data

Through MOBI Digital Ordering, Wild Wing has been able to collect customer data previously not available that can be used to make strategic business decisions.


24/7 support

Since Wild Wing joined MOBI in 2021, we’ve been able to help them outfit +100 stores and provide them with customer support any time they need.