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Cora + MOBI

Increased revenue

Improved operations


Owned the guest relationship

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About Cora

A family business founded in 1987 in the Saint Laurent district of Montreal, Canada, focused on serving delicious breakfast options. Now, over 35 years since the opening of their first location, the restaurant has over 125 locations across Canada.

The challenges

Being a family-owned business, creating meaningful guest relationships has always been high on the priority list. When Cora came to MOBI, they were looking to improve the guest experience, expand the ways they can serve their guests digitally and find ways to increase profitability.

Before its partnership with MOBI, Cora relied exclusively on aggregators which led to an increase in aggregator fees. 

The MOBI solution

Digital Ordering:

MOBI was able to do a detailed audit of Cora’s online storefront and build a new format that was optimised for the guest experience with the objective to improve conversion rates.

MOBI Payments:

Through the addition of MOBI payments, Cora was able to go from not accepting payment online, to accepting the world’s most popular cards for online orders, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express (in participating restaurants), and Google and Apple Pay.

Last Mile Delivery:

Taking ownership of the guest journey one step further, through Last Mile Delivery with DoorDash Drive, Cora now offers delivery directly to their customers at lower aggregator margins. 


“Since partnering with MOBI, we have been able to transform our operations to better serve our guests. Not only do we offer online ordering, but with products like Last Mile Delivery we’ve been able to easily add another ordering channel, without having to hire or manage our own delivery staff.”

Suzan Doumarapis, Operating System Manager, Cora

The results


Increased revenue

Wild Wing cut down on aggregator fees by implementing MOBI Digital Ordering on their website.


Improved operational efficiency

Wild Wing reduced menu management time from 23 hours to under 1 hour by switching to MOBI.


Owning the guest experience

Through MOBI Digital Ordering, Wild Wing has been able to collect customer data previously not available that can be used to make strategic business decisions.