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Put digital technology at the heart of your restaurant with MOBI Kiosks. With a highly visual yet optimised menu, you get to create the streamlined ordering guests want and expect within quick service restaurants and fast casual stores, all the while boosting order values and increasing in-store efficiency too.

Plus, they can be free standing, wall mounted or on a table, the choice is yours.

A faster front of house experience

Average order values

Order accuracy

Service costs

Promote and prioritise the right products

Your kiosks need to work for you too. That’s why MOBI Kiosks are optimised to better upsell guests, to promote products, increase order values, and are fully reflective of your brand experience.

  • Engaging menus that drive bigger order values
  • Greater upsell opportunities, with the smarts to inform it
  • Optimise menus based on product and customer insight
  • Increased order accuracy eliminates errors and wastage while increasing satisfaction
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“MOBI's flexibility, customer centric approach and responsiveness set them apart from other companies in the North American market.”

Jason Cadieux, Bâton Rouge

Safety first, always

MOBI Kiosks don’t just ensure efficiency, but safety also with less interactions between staff and guests and more social distancing. 

  • Less interactions and more distancing offer a safe ordering environment
  • The contactless ordering, payment and pick up solution expected of brands

Manage, measure, grow your brand - all from the one place

MOBI is a market leading digital ordering and customer engagement partner providing end-to-end technology solutions for global hospitality brands.

MOBI - an end-to-end solution

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