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Aggregator Middleware

Dealing with aggregators doesn’t have to add extra stress to your service. Nor does it have to mean manual order entry and inefficiency. MOBI’s Aggregator Middleware takes care of it all, automating all your aggregator orders into your POS, and gives you a centralised platform to manage operations in the process.

Aggregator orders, made effortless

Eliminate manual order entry

Automate aggregator orders into your POS and help eliminate order errors in the process.

Achieve greater operational efficiency

With menu management in a single place, operations are streamlined.

Get better visibility & insight

Easily track sales with data and insight from all channels in one platform.

Aggregator automation

Increase your store efficiency by eliminating the chance of any errors and by centralising your menu management. MOBI’s Aggregator Middleware makes taking aggregator orders that much simpler.

  • Mitigate human error, missed orders and the risk of compromising the guest experience
  • Easily manage and update all your menus, prices and store hours from one place

“Since implementing MOBI technology, we’ve been able to create better connections with our customers through our direct channels, find ways to increase revenue, and we’ve felt supported with them as our partner in hospitality.”

Clark McKeown, CEO, Wild Wing

Manage, measure, grow your brand - all from the one place

MOBI is a market leading digital ordering and customer engagement partner providing end-to-end technology solutions for global hospitality brands.

MOBI - an end-to-end solution

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