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How customer behaviour will change hospitality in 2022

MOBI eBook - How customer behaviour will change hospitality in 2022

There's been so much change in the hospitality industry recently, forcing many brands to adapt, and adapt quicker than they otherwise would have. But how can brands look to grow their brand forward given all the external pressures they face?

 This eBook explores:

- Top trends affecting the hospitality industry

- How to manage and grow your hospitality brand in this new world

3 ways hospitality brands must adapt to this modern world


Deliver an omnichannel approach, not a multichannel one, where experiences are much more connected and consistent across all channels.


Change their strategy to be digital-first, whereby digital lives at the heart of the business and is not an add on.


Prioritise building loyalty and advocacy within their current customer base, as opposed to constantly trying to attract new customers.

Food for thought